A podcast “for Mac Geeks by Mac Geeks”

The first place I go when I need help is The MacCast Forum which is part of a great podcast called strangely enough The MacCast. The Mac Cast is hosted by Adam Christianson and comes out every week or two. Adam is without a doubt a huge Mac geek. In fact he opens every show by saying, "for Mac geeks by Mac geeks". If you register and get into the forum you will find a group of people from around the world that sit up all night waiting to answer any Mac question you might have. Check out these links or look it up in iTunes.

Apple - You can always go to the source.

I found a really nice page on Apple’s site that gives you video How To’s. Many of them are rather basic but there is still good stuff for everyone. Of course Apple also has it’s own support site. It’s pretty active and you can get answers to most of all your questions there. It’s worth signing up for.

An amusing story about how easy switching really can be.

Here’s a great little article on someone’s father switching to a Mac after 25 years on PCs. My Dad, the Switcher: Day Zero There's even a follow up story after his dad had used it for 7days.